Local Resources March 11, 2022

Dining at A’town Bistro

A’town Bistro

With its swanky atmosphere and fresh farm-to-table style fare, A’town Bistro has established itself as one of Anacortes’ premier restaurants. You will love the vibe of this place, which offers more of an experience then just another night dining out. The staff are savvy and enjoyable to interact with. From the time you walk in the door, they make you feel welcomed and a part of their community. The food menu is just as amazing as the customer service. My personal favorites are the clam chowder made with local Manila clams and the paella. Make sure to check out the cocktail menu too, it’s full of fresh and tasty drinks thanks to contributions from the employees and regulars with their creative drink concoctions. Don’t miss out on the to-go cocktails they have available and enjoy their mixed drinks at home as well. This place never disappoints. A’town is always my go to for dining with out of town guests when I want them to experience the best of Anacortes. Be sure to get reservations ahead of time!

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